Procedural Design

Vază cu șase torțe înaripate
Vertical render of a vase with six winged torches

Visual composition with math and algorithms

  Of the many design and production techniques I work with no other is as satisfying as procedural design. Creating images with math and algorithms is beautiful because you can never forget how you got to the final product.

    The design can start as a defined concrete idea. Or it can be an exploration of a concept that you want to visualize. But when the design is complete it is memorialized and its features can be manipulated without changing the overall structure.

     Procedural design is a fairly new medium to me but I have used it in some of my largest-scale collaborations, it has won me awards, and my procedural designs have been featured in art galleries and magazines.

     The following visual composition pushes the depth of my multidisciplinary approach. The design starts with the audio analysis of my musical composition From The Motherland and uses it to create a 3d printed work. I then explained the process in a visual abstract of the work as a movie.


From The Motherland

An audio-visual sculpture


     This piece was a remix of a composition titled Twisted Tower by Ayoub Ahmad. The beautiful thing about procedural design is that you can see something and say how would I do that. While the design looks similar, we certainly got there in completely different ways.

     Minimalism, Brutalism, Gold was a featured work in the 25th issue of the Observica Elite Magazine in December 2023.

     Despite being a stock backplate the composition rendered quite nicely and got the attention of people that are way better at rendering than I am. 

Flocking simulation 3d design + time

     Showing Tp Together the installation by Jill Dryer was my first opportunity to use the skill I acquired during the pandemic using Rhino 3d + Grasshopper. Some say that you can make anything with Grasshopper and this installation used a plugin that simulates aviary flight systems. Other grasshopper plugins that include the element of time mimic slime mold growth and evolutionary processes in design. 

     Beyond the time-based system, Grasshopper allowed for an information system that created automated and streamlined 

communication of the location for every crane in 3d space for the installation teams.

     For this installation, we explored different shapes as attractors for the massing of the flock. While the previously mentioned time-based plugins are generally used to create more abstract visual compositions. They can be used as a way of illustrating the very processes that the logic was derived from in the first place. I used the flocking simulation in this installation to generate organic massing of 350 18″ origami cranes.

Procedural Design in your workflow.​

For more information on how procedural design can be incorporated into your product development, graphic design language, or any other aspect of your design business send us a message.

Procedural Spades

The work

Simple and elegant use of spades to make a larger spade using spade scale and 2-tone color. The rows of spades inner lock one row pointing up while the next one points down.

Shaded for visibility

This is the same print as the one to the left but the base spades are shaded to pronounce the design. You may notice that the spades that point down start to look like hearts.

In-retail image

The final design was changed to only have the spades in the up orientation. You will notice that even in the spaces your eye perceives as black there are still small spades.

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