Bar & Club Design

Portland, OR Feb 2018

No Vacancy Lounge is a modern Art Deco-inspired bar design by Jessey Zepeda and Billy Vinton. The design aimed to create a timeless feel that is ripe for social engagement and live entertainment.

The Lounge is multifaceted and serves as a full-service event space, complete with a 57’ theatrical lighting grid supported by an evenly distributed 280 amps power, 10,000 individually addressable theatrical fixtures, and LED Lights. The house sound is delivered via an EAW AVALON DC2 sound system powered by 300 amps of Crown amplifiers.

Technical fabrication techniques and materials were employed keeping the mantra of Art Deco close at hand. The room delivers the unique feel of a past era. No Vacancy Lounge is an amalgamation of intricate patterns of woven wire, laser-cut motifs, transparent powder coats, and attention to detail in design where most clubs fall short. Our attention to detail was so strenuous we recreated light sconces from the 1930s as they were unavailable for purchase..