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Whether you are gifting influencers, red carpet events, or corporate executive teams, a well-thought-out authentic gifting presentation will help your brand stand out. 

Hennessy X NAS

Production Designer,  North America

Hennessy X Nas. One Hundred retrofit Crosley record players with a mini bottle of Hennessey signed by Nas, two broad-based stemless tulip glasses, and a copy of Nas’s break-out release Illmatic.  All One Hundred were hand-numbered in 24K gold paint and had the branding embellishments required to work with this luxury brand.

HVY Value Added Packaging

Creative Director, Los Angeles

It took an amazing collaboration to bring this product to life. HVY 1000 mg Tincture is the most potent and beautiful product in cannabis. It was great working with this high-performing marketing team. This project was special, and we won Clio Awards #1 Clio Awards #2 for it.

Jessey Zepeda

I work on campaigns, events, and product launches for Brands and Agencies. I have designed and managed many campaigns around influencer marketing, VIP gifting, and product packaging. See what I have done for my clients below. Download the gifting strategy guide for a more in-depth look at the art of gifting.

Slides 1-6 Hennessy X Nas | 7-11 Heavy Hitters Diamond Launch | 12 & 13 Serena 5 hr turnaround | 14-16 MTV Snowglobe 2018 | 17-20 HVY VAP Packaging

VIP's Gifted


Serena Willams
LeBron James
Nyjah Huston


Pharrell Wllims
Snoop Dog
Sofi Tucker


Ryan Reynolds
Chelsea Handler
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