Executive Producer Jessey Zepeda

Beaverton, OR 2016

In 2016, Nike unleashed an ambitious plan to expand their campus, signaling their commitment to maintaining the most innovative workplace on the planet. But they didn’t stop there – the iconic brand also wanted to pay homage to its classic products by renaming all 47 buildings they operate in, outside its main headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

And so, as visitors stepped into the exhibit, they were greeted by an otherworldly display that was as stunning as it was awe-inspiring. 3/4″ acrylic discs that display the product floated angelically above a hand-painted floor map. Every piece of the product giving the namesake to correspond building on the floor map below – a name that paid homage to the classic Nike products that had propelled them to the forefront of the sportswear world.

But the pièce de résistance was the electrifying neon sign that cast an ethereal glow over the exhibit. Originally intended to be a chandelier, it was so jaw-droppingly breathtaking that the clients knew it deserved a more prominent place. The sign served as a beacon guiding visitors toward the heart of the exhibit.

Jessey managed and produced all elements of the design.

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