DESIGN BUILD Jessey Zepeda and Cade Moore

Portland, OR 2008

“Social Lubrication” is a cutting-edge artist collective (Cade Moore and Jessey Zepeda) exploring the complex relationship between society and technology. One of their most notable pieces is “Private Space,” an interactive art installation that challenges the viewer to consider the boundaries of private space.

The installation features a live video performance from a network of six cameras and multiple interactive installs. The content is mixed in real-time by a team of skilled VJs. Attendees could also contribute additional content via a web chat for videos and other online content. The installations providing content for the VJ team included a multi-touch table, an infrared invisible light installation, and a live body painting performance. The result is an immersive experience forcing you to wonder who has you on camera and when were you in front of their lens.

Through “Private Space,” “Social Lubrication” has created a thought-provoking work that forces viewers to confront their understanding of privacy and personal space. The installation is a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of art and technology, and it will leave a lasting impression on all who experience it.