Jessey Zepeda

Multi-Disciplinary Artist from Portland, Oregon

From a young age I was given a multi-disciplinary education combining science, fine art and discipline. These factors later became the tenants of my professional approach and work ethic. I studied Music for the first three decades of my life. In my teenage years I moved into video content creation and live video performance. This led me to advanced technologies and the incorporation of them in art, corporate live events and experiential marketing. I have been fortunate to have artistic outlets that are not the whole of my professional career, but the two have intertwined extensively while not detracting from one another. 

I love bringing my learnings to life in the fields of live events and experiential marketing!

|Computing Skills

Mac Based, PC ready
Rhino 3d
Affinity Suite
Apple Apps (Keynote…)
G-suite (Google apps)
Microsoft Office
Adobe Suite
Mad Mapper
Pure Data

|Other computing and hardware used and known

Mac Based, PC Ready
3 & 5 Axis CNC Mills
Laser CNC & Tube CNC Automated Bending
3d Printing
Leica BLK 360
Touch Designer
Advatek and Enntec LED Drivers
ChamSys Magic Q
Panasonic Projector Toolkit
Barco Projector Toolkit